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River Severn bank fungus

Observed: 21st November 2009 By: nch86nch86’s reputation in Fungi and Lichensnch86’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens

Earthstar fungus


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Yes i agree looking at one of

Yes i agree looking at one of my books it looks very close to one but this one is called Gerstrum triplex (Geastraceae)

I'm a student so be gentle.

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size etc

Can you remember how big it was (approx) and where you spotted it please (woods etc) was it growing under trees. Hope you dont mind me asking.

Sam, Student.

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Earthstar fungus

Thanks for further comments.

It was growing at base of tree on the wooded bank of River Severn just outside Ironbridge. It was on its own not in a troop. Bulb was approx 5cm diameter and whole thing about 12cm across.