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Red Bracket Fungus

Observed: 11th November 2009 By: nicjc
Red bracket fungus

reverse shot of same fungus posted last week, will take close up and measurements soon


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  • red bracket fungus
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I'm still rather at a loss as

I'm still rather at a loss as to putting a name to the fungus and still think its an interesting one. There is a chance it might be Daedaleopsis confragosa but I'm far from convinced about that.
On your camera can you find a setting for close-ups, most digital cameras have this. Then have several goes at taking the photo hoping that one will turn out with the fungus in focus. I've had just the same problem on certain digital cameras, they like to focus quite a long way away and it can be a pain in the neck persuading them to focus where you want but eventually they usually can be made to focus in the correct place. The key is to take plenty of photos and check each one zoomed in on the screen on the camera so you know when you have a good one and don't have to wait till you are back at your computer.
The other interesting thing in the photo is the species of plants, do you know what they are?

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sorry for the delay

hi miked, got the name of host shrub, melaleuca squarosa, hope this helps id,

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red bracket

hi miked, ive been back to red braccket but its life has ended, may help id, also width 1-2cm largest, found this plant id tab lying nearby to tree it was growing on, says melalueca squarosa, any help ?

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