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What mushroom is this?

Observed: 21st September 2010 By: will20fitz
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This mushroom was found growing on a wood chip pile. someone has suggested it could be Gymnopilus dilepis. It certanly looks like a Gymnopilus, but i'm not sure which type. I haven't seen these colours and patterning before. It was found mid September last year in mixed woodland. Can you tell me what it is?


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How about Tricholomopsis

How about Tricholomopsis rutilans?

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Tricholomopsis rutilans

This species has no large remnants of the veil on its cap surface nor on the cap edge.

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A beautiful toadstool which

A beautiful toadstool which is bright purple when young, (resembling Tricholompsis rutilans but with a ring), rapidly fading to orange-brown. Originally from South East Asia where it grows on old coconut stumps, it was possibly introduced with coir imported for horticultural use as a peat replacement. It is one of a number of recent introductions and colonists which grow on wood chips. It is becoming more common and widespread in this habitat, but requires warmth so is restricted to large piles of chips which are heating up through fermention, or indoors in pots with house plants. (ref: BioImages UK)

It is growing on a "large pile of woodchip" so that is right but as your find has no ring I think this id is unlikely.

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Would you mind clarifying

Would you mind clarifying your last posting. I'm not clear which species it refers to, or what you have concluded as the correct ID. Put it down to old age!

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Sorry for the confusion. Put

Sorry for the confusion. Put it down to old age, mine this time. The Gymnopilus should have a ring so even though the substrate of woodchip is right your find is unlikely to be that species.