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Observed: 8th March 2011 By: Gary Witham
Species interactions

No interactions present.

Species with which Avocet (your second picture is of an avocet.) interacts


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Best posted individually.

With the way Ispot is set up it is best to take the time to post photos of different species as separate observations. That way the identification of each species can be posted, and each photo will then link to other observations that have been identified as the same species (allowing comparisons).

In these photos you have:
1). 2 Oystercatchers and a Turnstone.
2). Avocet.
3). Black-headed Gull.
4). Common Redshank.

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I agree with IDs

I agree with IDs

Alan Edwards

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IDs as above.

I agree.

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Two Tree Island

I remember when the island was a rubbish tip, now there are breeding avocets! A great bit of reclamation work. Agree with all the IDs


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