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Observed: 23rd November 2009 By: Doug Coates
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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About size of sparrow with blue back and wings,orangey buff breast and distinct black stripe from bill through eye.Very pointy looking bird.

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Great picture

Wow well done. Great picture. They are just so difficult to photograph, hardly ever sitting still for long. Did it take you ages, or did you get lucky?


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Great photo

You have been fortunate to see a nuthatch on a feeder, ive not seen one myself for many years and then only in deciduous woodland, well done !

Conservation Student

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I have one that comes to the nut feeders in the garden and have been trying for weeks to get a photo of it to post on ispot.They are so easily spooked aren't they!I'd be interested to know how long it took you to get this great shot.

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What a great capture. How lucky......

You have to tell us if it was luck or did you 'lay in wait' for hours

Sam, Student.