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Swan with babies

Observed: 16th May 2009 By: emakriyaemakriya’s reputation in Birdsemakriya’s reputation in Birds
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Swan with babies in Hyde Park

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Great shots of much

Great shots of much under-rated birds. But a word of caution. Even 'tame' beasties like mute swans can pack a punch. Especially when they have small cygnets like this pair have. Always take the male (the cob) seriously when he is 'busking' (threatening) like he is in your bottom photograph. One particularly tough male, nearly knocked me into a pond when I was checking his nest a few years ago. This was being done as part of a long term study on local mute swans (and I have handled hundreds of swans), so no room for complacency!

No they can't break your arm, but I can promise, they can give you a heck of a big bruise, or two.