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Male Redhead Duck in Hyde Park (London, UK)

Observed: 14th November 2009 By: emakriyaemakriya’s reputation in Birdsemakriya’s reputation in Birds
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Diving duck in muddy shallow waters in Hyde Park, binging on pondweed seeds.

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Probably a pochard

Probably a pochard really. Redheads have yellow eyes and a blue beak. Canvasbacks have a darker head colour, but I can't be absolutely certain from this picture.


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Yes, a very dapper drake

Yes, a very dapper drake pochard.

Both redhead and canvasback are extremely rare in Britain as wild birds (just a handful of records), though they are often kept in wildfowl collections.

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Would go with the pochard too


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Redhead would show a darker back and pale yellow eyes. You can just see the red eyes of this pochard.

Bob Ford

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Thanks for confirming my thoughts, Bob. You have however given your agreement to the Red-head duck ID above!


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Bill pattern confirms ID.

Redhead and Canvasback can both be ruled out by the bill pattern (+ the red eye would not be shown be a Redhead).