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Cryptocephalus aureus?

Observed: 2nd May 2009 By: ChrisR
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I was told this was "Cryptocephalus aureus" but have not been able to confirm it - am I right?

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Hi Chris, and welcome to iSpot! There's a good chance that this is Cryptocephalus aureolus (rather than aureus), but there is a very similar species Cryptocephalus hypochaeridis. C. hypochaeridis is smaller, and supposedly the commoner of the two, with C. aureolus being listed as Nationally Scarce. However, I've seen these beetles many times in the Chilterns, and all have proved to be C. aureolus (by coincidence I took all my specimens to the BENHS last weekend to re-check them and they are definitely all C. aureolus).

A lovely beetle.


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Thanks Martin, I am pretty

Thanks Martin, I am pretty sure you are right - that name has been given by a few people - I just keep forgetting the exact spelling! ;)