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Hypnum cupressiforme

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Hypnum cupressiforme
Hypnum cupressiforme (2)
Hypnum cupressiforme (3)

Felled woodland growing on rotten tree stump

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Bad ID

I think I am having a bad ID day as I should have realised mine was totally wrong,thanks for the correction.



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I'm never sure to be honest,

I'm never sure to be honest, i seem to get things wrong so often!! I just remember seeing that one in the field on a rotting post, it looked like some bleached dreadlocks!

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I am just starting out on mosses, but this does not seem quite right as it looks really different from a common species in Scotland that I have have just had IDed as waved silk moss. This specimen is much more slender and more unidirectional in growth form...?
It may be variable, but it would be great if you could have a look and see (via the other examples of the same thing) and see what you think.

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Plagiothecium undulatum

The species account can be found here: http://www.bbsfieldguide.org.uk/content/plagiothecium-undulatum

It mention the form of growth, though most often i see this species growing it tends to form almost a sheet over a stone face/thin acid soil or occasionally on stumps/wood posts.

However i think that effect is only produced due to the size of the plant and where it is growing. For example a smaller specimen growing on a flat surface among other species may have the more 'random' appearance apparent in your Spot?

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Much appreciated. The ones I

Much appreciated.
The ones I see do tend to be in a mixed sward. It is incredibly pretty.