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Red tree fungus

Observed: 15th November 2009 By: rbirtles

Deep red bracket fungus. Spotted at Slapton Ley nature reserve, S Devon. Didn't note the tree species, but in very wet, marshy ground.


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Unkown fungus

Could I suggest Fistulina hepatica. Beefsteak fungus. i am not certain.


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Maybe. Did it bleed red

Maybe. Did it bleed red juice? This one looks old, though. Search iSpot for this species. There have been quite a few sitings.

University of Edinburgh and Biodiversity Observatory (OU)

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Not Fistulina

Not beefsteak in my opinion (on oak and sweet chestnut usually). It looks way too crusty. What about Gloeophyllum sepiarium? It will certainly be on the list for Slapton which has 2,400 fungi recorded in it, and is one of three most intensivley studies area on the planet for fungi thanks to David Hawksworth (the others being Esher common in Surrey thanks to Kirk & Spooner), and Box Hill in Surrey (thanks to Alick Henrici).

Jerry C

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Is n't Gloeophyllum sepiarium

Is n't Gloeophyllum sepiarium on conifers and this looks like Salix or similar given the wet ground

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in which case

the two potential taxa already recorded from Slapton on Salix are Daedaleopsis confragosa as originally identified or Datronia mollis - and I'd go with the original id. See Hawksworth, Field Studies volume 4, 1976, p391 for a very outdated list of Slapton fungi.

Jerry C