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Common puffball

Observed: 8th March 2011 By: kcf32
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course completeShropshire Wildlife Trust
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Common puffball 2011-03-08 (1)
Common puffball 2011-03-08

Small collection of puffballs found in a small patch of deciduous woodland.


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Stump pufball

Thank you for your suggested identification. There is certainly a lot of dead wood in the area where I found them. I can check the location. If there is wood under them does this confirm the id or are there other characteristics I need to check?


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I am fairly confident you

I am fairly confident you will find wood. The alternative is to check whether the spores are smooth or warty ;)


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Smooth or warty

Excuse my ignorance but can you explain the smooth or warty spores statement. I thought the spores were what the fungus released and this is "dust"; I would need a microscope to examine it.

Are you referring to the inside of the spore sac? If so, I have one of the puffballs so can open it up and look inside. I would be grateful if you could clarify this before I rip into it.



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Keith No you are right that

No you are right that the spores are the dust but it is only by looking at this dust under a microscope at 1000 times magnification and seeing its size (3.5-4.5 um for perlatum or 3-4 um for pyriforme) and texture of the surface (warted for perlatum and smooth for pyriforme) that you could be certain.

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I do not have access to a microscope although I have lots of spores! I will check out the location when next in the area. Thank you for your help.