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Observed: 8th March 2011 By: ebgoodebgood’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens

Tree foliose lichen. One looks like a fruticose lichen but I think it is a foliose Evernia prunastri. The other two I cannot identify


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Bluish-grey foliose

The bluish-grey lichens are more likely to be a Physcia sp. but unfortunately its not possible to see any details - do you have a clearer close-up photo of it?

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Yes, Physcia species (plural)

Yes a photograph with better resolution is needed, but as Jenny says, the bulk of the grey lichens on the tree are Physcia.

I am reasonably confident that I can make out both P. tenella (probably the main species) and P. ascendens.

Yes, Xanthoria parietina is present, and it very commonly grows with the above species.

The grey tuft could well be Evernia prunastri, but equally it could be a young Ramalina species - impossible in my opinion to tell from the photograph.

I see nothing resembling Hypogymnia physodes and it is not really a member of the nitrogen-loving community shown here.


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Thank you both for your

Thank you both for your comments. I am sorry but I don't think that my photos will get any better by blowing them up (I had the wrong lens on my camera) but I will look up your identifications. Next time I will take more care over my photos. Thank you once again