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Observed: 8th March 2011 By: ebgoodebgood’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens

A tree (elder!) covered in lichen. The detailed photo is a twig off of the tree. I Don't know wether the dark green species is a lichen or a moss.


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  • Xanthoria and Hypogymnia
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The bluish-grey lichen is a

The bluish-grey lichen is a Physcia - either P. tenella or P. adscendens. The Xanthoria is X. parietina

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I agree with Jenny

The nitrogen-loving Xanthoria-Physcia community is now very common in lowland areas, and especially on Elder, which has a nitrogen-rich bark. Hypogymna would be unlikely in this situation.


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Thank you both. Obviously my

Thank you both. Obviously my knowledge of lichen is very limited and I have only a relatively few pictures to go on, but at least I did make an attempt at identification. I will try to learn more. Cheers.