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Nut damage by Wood Mouse

Observed: 8th March 2011 By: lpearcelpearce’s reputation in Mammalslpearce’s reputation in Mammalslpearce’s reputation in Mammals
Nut damage by Wood Mouse

These nuts were put in the garden shed last autumn, yesterday found them all eaten, all with a small hole .
Is it possible to say what did it, we are assuming mice

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Nibbled nuts!

I seem to remember hearing that small holes, like these, in nutshells are left by the Dormouse; other species leave more damage.

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Dormouse unlikely to visit a garden shed? Holes more likely made by Wood Mouse (Bank Vole holes are neater). The split open shell on the right is more characteristic of Grey Squirrel so there may have been two different nibblers

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Two nibblers?

The evidence is never quite as clear as the diagrams suggest!, but looking at p12 of http://www.erccis.co.uk/OneStopCMS/Core/CrawlerResourceServer.aspx?resou... (I think a link to this handy guide has been posted before), I would agree that the nibblers are probably (wood) mice and a squirrel.

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Not Dor mice ....

they leave larger holes with very small neat toothmarks as here http://www.howardianlnr.org.uk/dormice-woodmicenuts.html Showing differences between Dormice and Woodmice.

Howardian Local Nature Reserve

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The hording of nuts in a

The hording of nuts in a single place is also a good sign of wood mice

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