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Snake millipede

Observed: 4th March 2011 By: sk887
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - current student
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This was in a small gully with other invertebrates. On underside of wet wood.

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Very hard to guess without a photo. No legs and no shell would make it a worm or slug! Was it coiled up? Pill millipedes are black not pink?

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I've been hoping to find a

I've been hoping to find a 'pillbug' as they fascinate me. Glad you said black as most books say grey and the ones I found (a few years ago) I saw as black :)
Saw a description somewhere of millipedes which coil like 'swiss roll' instead of into balls.

Thanks, any further ideas ?

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Swiss Roll...

Maybe it was a snake millipede which coil like watch-springs (or swiss rolls). Most are dark in colour with lighter legs but some could be described as pinkish eg Cylindroiulus punctatus or Blaniulus guttulatus. You could try looking at images of these on the internet...

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Wow, thanks. I would never

Wow, thanks. I would never have found that (and I can still say WOW at 70)
Could be either but I'm going for the Blaniulus. Luckily both are found in Scotland :)
My first search (weeks ago) found "Worms, Leech" note the two ee's - follwing yours I discovered Leach is a person !
thanks again