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Silver Birch tree bleeding

We have recently had a Silver Birch tree branch cut near the main trunk and have noticed that it is now bleeding sap over 4 days later. Please can you tell me whether it is possible to stop it bleeding and if there is going to be damage to the tree.



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Silver Birch sap -

I'm sorry to say that my first thought is "mmm, birch sap wine!"
I used to make home-made wines, but I never actually tried that one: I'm sure that there will be recipes on the internet.
It may damage the tree, since any opening in the bark can let in diseases. But birch are short-lived (relatively)trees anyway: it depends on your point of view whether this is a bad thing or not. If you are fond of the tree, then it isn't good! But when managing a woodland for wildlife, actively causing some damage can be desirable, to introduce new habitats.
I believe you can buy proprietary treatments from garden suppliers, but the problem should sort itself out anyway, in time.

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Silver Birch tree bleeding

I had to prune some branches of my silver birch in the past and it is worrying at first but the sap soon starts to set and seal the wound. Whilst I agree that a wound can let in disease, plum trees are normally prune this time of year so the sap flowing out of the wound stops fungus like silverleaf getting in.

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