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Number of petals

Looked this up but could only find out that they always have 8-12 petals, and that they can be eaten in salads and be used in the treatment of piles! (Also called 'Pilewort')

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Less petals

This is another another plant that has been affected by the name changes in Stace 3 and is now Ficaria verna.

There are several subspecies of Lesser Celandine, the one shown in the link below used to be known as Ranunculus ficaria subsp. bulbilifer.
It has fewer flowers with less petals and rarely sets fertile seed. Reproduction is by small tubers that are formed in the leaf axils.


Name changes:
Ranunculus ficaria = Ficaria verna
Ranunculus ficaria subsp. ficaria = Ficaria verna subsp. fertilis
Ranunculus ficaria subsp. bulbilifer = Ficaria verna subsp. verna