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Mermaids Purse

Observed: 7th March 2011 By: Ivor Bend
Mermaids Purse

Came across this Sharks Egg (Mermaids purse - Dog Fish Egg)amongst kelp that had been beached in a storm whilst doing a clean up on a local beach on the shores of Belfast loch

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key to shark and ray egg cases

The Shark Trust have a very useful key for the ID of egg cases at http://www.eggcase.org/view_folder.asp?folderid=6251&level2id=6237&rooti... that another iSpotter put me on to.

So it would seem that if it were larger than 6cm it would be that of a nursehound and if were smaller it would be dogfish.


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Thank You

Thanks Gino

Interesting website. On closer measurement the egg is 55mm long so I reckon it is safe to assume it is a dogfish.

I should try and get out in the water with my snorkeling gear and see what life is out there amongst the Kelp


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