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Mountain hares in the Peak District

I am visiting the Peak District next month and would like to go looking for mountain hares. Can anyone advise on good locations to observe (OS references would be appreciated as I'm not that familiar with the area)? I have it in my head that there is a promising area near one of the reservoirs?



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not sure if it's too late for

not sure if it's too late for you Gill, but you need to try in the area bounded (is that a word?) by Black Hill in the north, then going south - Crowden, Bleaklow and Kinder, to the east- Howden and Derwent Moors. It may be Derwent Reservoir you are thinking of.

try here

North Warwickshire

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Thanks Nick. No, not too late

Thanks Nick. No, not too late - perfect timing - I go tomorrow!

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