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Observed: 6th March 2011 By: Mushroom LadyMushroom Lady’s reputation in Amphibians and Reptiles

These eggs were roe-like in appearance, held together by a very sticky slimy clear film. They were found on a moss-covered log in woodland within 3 m of a freshwater spring. Each individual egg was about 1-2 mm in diameter.

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I can't imagine a gastropod laying eggs in such an exposed place- even damp moss can dry out. When were they found? Brown trout spawn around the turn of the year and into Feb in some years, and perhaps one was hooked out of the water by a predator...but why leave the nutritious roe unconsumed? Maybe there is no way a trout could get so far upstream though.

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We wondered if it might have

We wondered if it might have been some kind of spawn (frog, for example) that had been eaten and then spewed out again? It had the appearance of roe, but I doubt if that's what it actually was.

Mushroom Lady

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Snail or slug eggs.

The size is right and the location near a spring is probably humid enough for them to survive on the moss. The dark colour is unusual, most are white or pale yellow. Not amphibian or fish I think and too big to be an insect. The slime also points to molluscs.

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Frog spawn

I think David is right, this looks to be undeveloped frog spawn.

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unspawned spawn

It's taken me a while to get to this.
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