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Black Wild Rabbit

Observed: 5th March 2011 By: MarliesMarlies’s reputation in Mammals
Black Wild Rabbit
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Remember "Watership Down"?

That featured a mythical black rabbit. L butcher in Kidderminster (where I lived at the time) made himself unpopular by putting a sign next to the rabbits hanging up in the shop: "read the book - see the movie - eat the pie!"

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Black Rabbit

I've never seen a wild black rabbit: could it be an escapee?

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Black wild rabbits

You do get black wild rabbits. I assume they are a bit more vulnerable to predation because they are less well camouflaged, but I have seen several over the years including an individual that often grazed on the verge by a busy A road. Bearing in mind the lifespan of a rabbit in the wild, there would have to be a succession of several escapees for that to be an explanation. Also, I don't think most domestic escapees would have the 'road sense' to survive so long next to such a busy road (although clearly not all rabbits do have good road sense - hence so many squashed ones).

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Black wild Rabbit

I agree with Gill Sinclair I often used to see six or seven black rabbits living quite happily on the Washington roundabout until they cleared it and landscaped it.