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Kuehneromyces mutabilis

Observed: 15th November 2009 By: miked
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Kuehneromyces mutabilis 5347
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Kuehneromyces mutabilis 5347s

Growing on lime stumps


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Just out of interest, this is

Just out of interest, K. mutabilis is also known as Brown stew fungus, or Two-toned pholiota. I found some which I first thought to be this, but then read that they are almost identical to Galerina marginata (Funeral bell) so please don't eat them unless you know a better way of distinguishing the two than I do! (In which case, please tell me!)

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I am pretty sure it is the K.

I am pretty sure it is the K. mutabilis not Galerina. Couple of reasons, firstly the colour of the very hygrophanous cap with the central darker area then lighter then darker, second the scaly layer up the stem to the ring (one reason for putting the upturned one in the picture). The Galerina's cap does not have this pattern although it can be two toned, it also does not have the scaly layer up the stem I think.
Having said this, I have not tried eating this species so can't comment on edibility.

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Interestingly this species, if it is K.mutabilis, which I think it is, is also known as Velvet Toughshank. I think this 'shoom can't make up it's mind what it want's to be called! Hence why we should also use the Latin i suppose.

Also I can't actually find "Funeral Bell" or "Galerina marginata" in Roger Phillips' 2006 edition of Mushrooms. Anyone else tried looking it up in that particular edition??
He mentions "Kuehneromyces mutabilis" being synonymus with "Galerina mutabilis" - but what on earth is, or was "Galerina mutabilis"??????????????????????? Confusing. Help!


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Yes, I've looked it up in

Yes, I've looked it up in there to no avail! G. marginata is in the River Cottage Handbook (John Wright). All my mushroom books have got one or the other in, and two warn about the similarity, but I have no books with both in! And as for G. mutabilis, I do not know!

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the mushrooms and toadstools

the mushrooms and toadstools of britain and NW europe by marcel bon has both species but now out of print I think (the new edition is many years overdue), also 'keys to agarics and boleti' by Moser has both species but this is not really a beginners book.