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Old spotty Blackbird

Observed: 20th February 2010 By: ophrys
Yorkshire Naturalists' Union
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Old Blabi

This Blackbird was ringed in 2001 and recaught in 2010, making it at least 9 years old. Though only the throat is really visible, the amount of spotting on a pale background is evident. Some females seem to become more colourful and more mottled on the breast with age.

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Just posted this in response to an earlier picture where there was discussion of Blackbird v. Song Thrush.

Though not visible in the picture, the pale background with darker spots continues down the centre of the breast of this bird. Older females do seem to get increasingly colourful and increasingly mottled on the breast.


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Helpful, thanks!

Ringing must be a very rewarding task, especially when you can track birds like this. Thanks for the 'story'.

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It;s both interesting

and good to know that they can clock up a good few years.