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Observed: 5th March 2011 By: Graeme
The Anton River Conservation Association
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Bird 5.3.11.Pilgrims Way

Bird came and helped me garden.At first I thought it was a female black bird, but when I looked at the chest it had speckles, so might be a very dark song thrush?

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Female Blackbirds

There have been several 'spotty' blackbirds on iSpot over the winter. This is not an unusual feature, as many female blackbirds show this, sometimes quite subtly and sometimes really very obviously. However, they never have white as the ground colour to the spots, or on the belly, like a Song thrush, and they are darker above.

I have never heard of a dark Song Thrush, incidentally...they are a species which generally conform to type, I think.


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spotty blackbirds

Have seen lots over the years and thought they were young like a young Robins colouring.

Hazel Trevan

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Young blackbirds do have a pale mottled effect, of course. However, older female birds sometimes have a more thrush-like throat and upper breast. I have several known-age females, ones which I have ringed locally, which display this pale throat and dark spotting.

I shall put an example onto iSpot...though I don't have a shot of the whole breast, unfortunately.


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