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Female hoverfly

Observed: 10th September 2009 By: williamsnrwilliamsnr’s reputation in Invertebrateswilliamsnr’s reputation in Invertebrateswilliamsnr’s reputation in Invertebrates
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Black and yellow hoverfly.

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ID hoverfly

This looks like Helophilus pendulus, yellow on legs , also a female as eyes are spaced apart. But im not 100% sure as several Helophhilus are very similar,

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great photo!

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This is either Helophilus pendulus, as suggested by nicjc, or it could possibly be H. hybridus. I think H. pendulus is more likely but I can't confirm that from the photo, so ChrisR's identification as genus Helophilus is the safest ID.

Incidentally, I'm not absolutely certain this is a female - most hoverflies have the eyes separated in the females, but meeting at the top of the head in the males, but Helophilus are one of the exceptions where the eyes are separated in both sexes.

Agree that it's a lovely photo!

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Looking at abdominal segments, its either a male pendulus or a female hybridus - can't separate those from the photo (though it is pretty good!)