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Blackbird 0 Sparrowhawk 1

Observed: 4th March 2011 By: kcf32
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Sparrowhawk 2011-03-04 (1)

One of our diners became dinner.

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Good shot -

and it's only doing what sparrowhawks do!

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Thank you. Yes it is. A sparrowhawk passes through the garden quite regularly, occasionally stopping for a brief rest, but it rarely catches anything. You can usually tell when it is close due to the din of the alarm calls and the rush to find safe haven with wood pigeons clattering into the windows.

This bird apparently took no notice of me opening the window to take photographs, but a passing wood pigeon made it disappear, with its prey, in a flash.


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One woodpigeon less

The sparrowhawk made a successful return visit yesterday and reduced the woodpigeon dining club members by one. It then consumed the bird taking about 2 and a half hours. I did not see it depart but all is left was a spread of feathers.


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Nature red in tooth and claw!

Thank you for continuing this 'story'. There has been a dramatic increase in Wood Pigeons in our garden over the last few years but clearly they are not at the top of the foodchain whatever they may think!

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