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Observed: 27th August 2010 By: Alisonha

It had a plain cream underside and was reddish-brown on top (back, head, wings) . There were no cllearly visible markings. It was seen with a group of little birds, mainly tits and chaffinches. It was about the same size as a chaffinch, and was feeding on a weeping willow. It was agile.


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I'm assuming there is no picture -

Based on the white belly, it could perhaps have been a blackcap (females have a brown cap), a tree sparrow, or a pale dunnock?

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Thanks for your ideas, Roger, but I am familiar with all ordinary garden birds, and it wasn't any of the species you suggest. I have been observing the birds in our garden for years and I have never seen this kind of bird before, I'm sure.

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Maybe a rare migrant -

or a captive exotic that has escaped, in that case?
You could try the local bird watchers - at
there may be records there, or you could always contact them direct.