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Small wasps nest (vespula vulgaris)

This small wasps nest is residing in my shed,that is always in use. What should I do with it? Remove it and destroy it whilst it seems dormant, try and move it without harming it to somewhere else? or leave it alone.I know Wasps are good for environment and I would rather preserve it if at all possible. Any comments please.



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Without seeing a picture -

it is probably an early stage nest. Given the time of year, it may be a failed one from last season, or it could be the "queen nest" that she builds to over-winter in. She may or may not chose to build a family home there in the latter case (starting construction probably in April
I don't think it can be successfully moved if it's a queen nest: she probably won't survive (it's too cold yet for emergence).
As for peaceful co-existence with a "proper" nest, that may be possible. I spent one summer with a nest behind an air brick in our house. But you need to keep a fair distance - at least 3 metres I'd guess - to avoid causing an international incident resulting in an armed response! Moving the tools out for the summer might be one way.