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Red Squirrel

Observed: 21st February 2009 By: DonalDonal’s reputation in Mammals
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I saw this red squirrel at Parkhurst Forest on the Isle of Wight. It must be the best place to see these creatures close up. There is a viewing hide and food is left for the squirrels. They come to the hide if they notice anyone is present but you need to be quiet. No telephoto lenses were used!

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Lucky you!

How great to be able to see these lovely animals so readily. You are so close you can even see the tufty hairs on his ears! Another good spot for viewing Red Squirrels is Formby north of Liverpool. I went to University in Liverpool and a treat was to drive up to Formby where Red Squirrels ran quite happily around the car park. However I have heard that numbers have dropped considerably in recent years due to the Grey Squirrel. Formby is also a top spot for the Natterjack toad to breed incidently.

Petra Carpenter (PhD in badger mating systems)