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Observed: 2nd March 2011 By: DoreenHamiltonDoreenHamilton’s reputation in PlantsDoreenHamilton’s reputation in Plants
front of leaf on A4 Paper
close up of front of leaf
back of leaf
centre of plant

The nearest I could find to this fern was the royal fern but it wasn't that,and I can't find anything similar

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No its not that I have that

No its not that I have that growing arround my pond .The leaves on this fern are twice the length and the leaves are alternate not in pairs. and has a long bare stem before the leaves

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What we need, to assist, is a view of the underside of the fronds, preferably in close up, to show the sporangia, if any. Or is this a sterile frond?

Chris Metherell
BSBI VC Recorder
North Northumberland

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This is a foreign Blechnum - not our native Blechnum spicant. It looks rather like Blechnum chilense to me.