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Green crustose on tree

Observed: 1st March 2011 By: debbieC
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green crustose on tree

very smooth green crustose (leprose) lichen, small black lecideine? fruit bodies.


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I'm afraid we need a better photograph

I am afraid that there is a problem here.

Lecidella elaeochroma has a grey-white, smooth, crustose thallus that usually has abundant black fruits. Further, "forma elaeochoma" is the form of the species that is never powdery at all, not even with soredia (a form of asexual reproduction).

However the picture, while out of focus, shows a green lichen, described as leprose (i.e. powdery). Whatever information source was used to name this photograph, I fear it was less than adequate.

Most likely it is a Lepraria, which would be difficult even with a photograph that shows more detail. I see no sign of fruiting bodies in the photograph and they are unknown in Lepraria species, which reproduce by the powdery granules that cover the thallus surface.

Unfortunately, lichen identification does need very fine, critical detail and photographs have to show this. The beauty of digital photography is that one can take 50 photographs, later delete the 49 that are rubbish, and the one lucky photograph that is sharp can then be used. People then even start to think one is a good photographer!

Debbie, don't let my being grouchy put you off posting, but do try to get closer, steady the camera if you can, take several photos so you can select a good one to post, then we may have a better chance of providing a name. In this particular case, is there a white layer under the powdery granules, does the thallus have a sort of spongy look, do the granules have a sort of wooly appearance under a strong lens?


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nicely edited alan, was not

nicely edited alan, was not going to respond until tomorow.