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Egyptian goose resting along the Thames

Observed: 21st November 2009 By: er2938
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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Single egyptian goose resting along the river Thames at low tide

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Egyption Goose

Is this species of goose a threatened species?

Sam, Student.

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Egyptian goose

Hi Sam

No not really. It was introduced into Britain. As the name suggests it was originally from Egypt. You will find sightings along the river Thames and also in Norfolk/East Anglia. It's a species that breeds mostly in trees and is quite interesting to study.

Hope you will find a sighting near where you are soon.

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More and more common

Here in Norfolk they seem to be getting commoner each year.
They can be seen sitting in the fields around the broads areas and often to be seen in flight, their white wing markings being very prominent. They breed very early in the year.

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egyptian goose

These are still quite scarce in the south west, which is is where madasyernan is based I think. In fact I've only ever seen one or two in Dorset, but see plenty when I'm out walking in Surrey.

Bob Ford

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Thank you Bob, Im in Cornwall. I have never seen one down here, but I shall be looking out for them. Quite an exotic looking goose (never thought I would use those words in one sentence)

Sam, Student.

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Egyptian Goose

Sadly, these have been added to the "General Licence" of species that can be controlled by landowners without needing to apply for a specific licence, although only for the purposes of conserving wild birds.


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