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Observed: 2nd March 2011 By: liamclayton

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I am not sure why this is

I am not sure why this is placed in Fungi. The plant is Rubus sp., but were you more interested in the white lines on the leaf?

If so, they are not fungi, but caused by a leaf-mining larva, possibly one of the Stigmella moths that live on brambles and their kin.

Unless I have missed a fungus in the shot, you could place it in either Plants or Invertebrates, depending on what you had in mind (edit the observation details).



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yeah, i was wondering what

yeah, i was wondering what the white trail across the leaf was. i thought it was a fungi!? :|

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Leaf Mine

As has been said above, the white line is the track of an old mine created by the caterpillar of, probably, Stigmella aurella. There is a possibility, however, that it is a mine of Stigmella splendidissimella. If you want to follow this up, check the brambles again. If you can find both white mines and ones that look a bit more brownish (i.e. fresher) then it is aurella. If you just find the white ones, it could be either.

Robert Homan