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Sparrowhawk looking for lunch

Observed: 2nd March 2011 By: jccurdjccurd’s reputation in Birdsjccurd’s reputation in Birdsjccurd’s reputation in Birdsjccurd’s reputation in Birds

We see a Sparrowhawk swoop through our garden relatively frequently but it rarely stops, certainly not long enough to bring any kind of camera to bear on it. On this occasion, my hawk-eyed wife spotted it sitting on a branch just beyond our garden where it stayed long enough to get the digiscope on it.
As you can see from the second less-than-sharp, lucky shot, it eventually flew off towards me. Not crystal clear but at least it's a Sparrowhawk in flight.

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Really good shot -

of the bird flying off!

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Very lucky ...

... a) to get it, and b) that the focus wasn't too far off. The bird was still sitting on the branch as I pressed the shutter but, being a compact through the scope, by the time the shutter fired, this is what it was doing. No focus tracking, either. ;-)