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IAcrobatic Robin

Observed: 1st March 2011 By: corylus
Isle of Wight Natural History & Archaeological Soc
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Robin feeding

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I saw a robin trying to hover like a humming bird in order to get at some fat balls. :-)

I think it depends on how hungry they are.

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Acrobatic Robin

I also have noticed Robins feeding from bird feeders recently,even though there is food on the ground. It was not something I had noticed even a few years ago. I wonder if they have started to feed in this way because of hunger, but now continue as it may be safer and they gain the best bits of food? Whatever the reason it is very entertaining!

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The lengths they will go to!

Ive had half a coconut out with fat and seeds in it. Blue tits love it, but our robin didnt take too kindly to it having all the coconut to itself, so has been having a go at getting some itself, although its technique of flyin into it, and trying to hover is very funny, just seems like so much effort wasted for little gain, either that or its the tastiest thing ever! (as there was other 'plain' seed already out!)