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Observed: 19th February 2011 By: Pogball

I think this is a common hermit crab but what are the white fibers coming off it? It doesn't appear to be in a shell. Is it in molt? I put it back carefully...

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White strands

It looks a little like is has been caught in a fine net or material?

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White strands

No I don't think it was fishing line or net. It was more insubstantial. At first I thought it maybe an infection but have no idea really.

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Sure there is no shell?

When the shell inhabited by the crab is completely covered by a large anemone, the shell's presence is easily missed.

The white threads look as if they are from an anemone. Just such threads are shown in Gibson at al's Photographic Guide to Sea and Seashore Life illustrating Calliactis parasitica, an anemone species that lives on mollusc shells (inhabited by hermit crabs or otherwise). The crab could be either Eupagurus bernhardus or E.prideauxii although the latter normally has the anemone Adamsia surrounding the shell.

Mike Kendall