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Observed: 21st November 2009 By: kh854
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - current student
Mushroom in grass
Close up of the mushrooms in a group
Group of mushrooms in pine needles
Mushroom in grass close up

Pale coloured. Cap seems to split as it grows, starting off rounded. One mushroom growing separately has lines on cap and a hole in the centre. Found in cemetery between gravestones


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I'm not sure about this one.

I'm not sure about this one. Looks as if the growth habit is not entirely usual. Perhaps try some other species of fungi as there are loads around at the moment. Possibly someone else might have more of an idea on this species, if i had to suggest something then I might say Inocybe since it appears to have a cap with fibres going out from the centre and is tending to break up but I'm far from sure about it.

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I'm not sure about this one.


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I would guess Inocybe too,

I would guess Inocybe too, but would be equally unsure!

Rob Coleman

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Maybe a super annuated

Maybe a super annuated Marsmius oerades. Could be inocybe but may be too over for a confirmed ID

Colin Jacobs.
Wild Flower Society member