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Hypogymnia physodes - X. parietins -physcia dubia?

Observed: 16th February 2011 By: debbieC
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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hypogymnia physodes - X. parietins -physcia dubia?

3 types of lichen on morter on garden wall


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Close up photos

Hi Debbie, do you have close up photographs of the lichens you're posting as its not possible to see details for identification

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Hi Jenny, will try and get

Hi Jenny, will try and get some new ones, dropped my camera and broke battery housing, trying to take pics at moment with an elastic band wrapped around it.



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Physcia species and Caloplaca

The grey lichen is definitely not Hypogymnia.

As far as can be told from the photograph it is either Physcia tenella or P. adscendens (more likely the latter?).

The yellow lichen is a crust, so not Xanthoria. Most likely young Caloplaca flavescens I think.