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Unidentified skull

Observed: 28th February 2011 By: silurian8

Skull found at kenfig nature reserve at Sker beach Pictures show top and underside of skull

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Conger Eel

I'll throw in Conger Eel to get things started, but I can't really see enough detail to know how sensible a guess that is. :)

Update: Evidently not very sensible at all...ignore me!


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Fused vertebrae?

The picture on the right looks like fused vertebrae rather than a skull. It looks as though it could be a synsacrum from a large bird?

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Thanks for tis will pass on the information. Any chance of guessing how big this bird could have been?

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Found on the beach? There are some interesting adaptations to the bones that suggest a sea bird, with broader areas on the pelvic bones for leg muscle attachment....could even suggest a diver eg cormorant etc.