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Skate egg case

Observed: 27th February 2011 By: gino.brignoli
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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Measured about 10cm from tip to tip. And had a colouring reminiscent of tortoiseshell to the edge on the left of the picture.

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key to shark and ray egg cases

The Shark Trust have a very useful key for the ID of egg cases at

Mike Kendall

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Thanks for the key Mike! I

Thanks for the key Mike! I think I may have managed to ID this one because of it.


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Great Eggcase Hunt database

Hi Gino,

I just came across your post and was wondering whether you had sent it in to be recorded on the Great Eggcase Hunt website? If you haven't already then I can add it on to the Shark Trust's growing database which documents shark, skate and ray eggcases found around the coastline.

If you have any more findings then it would be great if you can please submit them via the online form at the following link: