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Observed: 27th February 2011 By: CarolGCarolG’s reputation in Birds

Sorry about the photos. They were taken late afternoon. The Sparrowhawk ? plummeted down into our back garden. My husband was inside the house and he heard a loud noise which sounded like a loud thump or clap. The ? tore into the pigeon. There was feathers everywhere. It stayed a while. Then took off with the pigeon remains.

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sparrowhawk or peregrine?

You can just see the eyestripe on this bird which is very much a feature of sparrowhawks. A peregrine would show a more black and white head, with a white or cream upper chest.

Bob Ford

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Sparrowhawk or Peregrine?

The broad, muscular chest and Carol's description of the kill suggest Peregrine; but her mention of the yellow eyes,which seem discernible in the photos, sway me to agree with Bob: Sparrowhawk (I think!).