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Sparrowhawk with kill

Observed: 26th February 2011 By: as7578
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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Sparrowhawk female on her kill
Sparrowhawk female mid-pluck
Sparrowhawk female on her kill

This bird had just killed a pigeon. She was very suspicious and alternated between 'mantling' her kill, looking up and around, and hopping into a different position to check for rivals or bigger predators.
She ate nearly all of the pigeon, leaving only a handful of feathers
EDIT - as per BobTheBirder's comment below: I think I mis-identified this bird as a female. Looking in my identification guides, they tend to show males as having quite a ruddy breast and females a speckled grey. However, this bird had colouration between the two: with some pinkish colour at the throat. I think this is suggestiong a younger male. Therefore I have edited the description for this observation.

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The reddish face would suggest she is a male sparrowhawk.

Bob Ford