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Ruddy duck

Ruddy duck has a fan tail held high I think Red creasted pochard (*female ) with white cheeks

Alan Edwards

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Certainly a RCP but a very pale individual, perhaps a hybrid

Bob Ford

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This bird shows several signs of being a RcP x Mallard hybrid:
White tail sides, RcP like head and bill (with a more distinct black nail on the bill), and some mottling on the plumage (RcP are very plain) are typical - and this one also seems to have a white edged speculum in the wing.

There was a female RcP x Mallard hybrid at Abberton Reservoir, at least between 2002 & 2008, and this could potentially be the same one (or another similar hybrid).

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If it helps the duck in question was following a male mallard both on land and once in the water, they did looked paired.