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Roe Deer Skull & Dentition.

Observed: 27th February 2011 By: lordrolordro’s reputation in Mammalslordro’s reputation in Mammals
Roe Buck Skull
Dentition 1
Dentition 2

These remains were close to a healthy herds' range. Most of the skeleton is there, though scattered about by scavengers. If the head wasn't taken as a trophy, and the haunches etc. not taken for venison it is unlikely to have been poached, which leaves the cause of death as either Natural Causes or, more likely, controlled culling. Can its age and health-i.e. its suitability for culling-be judged from the state of its teeth? It is a male, with antler prominences.

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Roe deer

Culled Deer are normally taken for meat and I would guess this applies to poached deer too.They are unlikely to dress and butcher where they might be caught!

Alan Edwards

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Deer remains

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