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Is this a frutiose lichen ?

Observed: 22nd February 2011 By: AH
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete

It was seen on a branch on the floor having fallen from the tree above, it was right near the coast.


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It certainly looks like a

It certainly looks like a fruticose lichen to my (inexperienced) eyes but I don't think it's Sea Ivory. Sea Ivory grows on rocks on the sea shore not on trees. See this link http://www.theseashore.org.uk/theseashore/SpeciesPages/Sea%20ivory%20lic....

Val McCormack

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Other lichens

Evernia prunastri is the main lichen on top of the branch but there is Hypogymnia physodes to the left and a Ramalina sp. below with slightly larger lobes.

As vm53 says Ramalina siliquosa is only found on coastal rocks, where it can be very common.