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Lords and Ladies 2011-02-24

Observed: 24th February 2011 By: kcf32
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Lords and Ladies 2011-02-24 (1)
Lords and Ladies 2011-02-24

Leaves of Lords and Ladies with and without black spots. growing close to the bank of a stream. Is there an explanation of why some plants have spotted leaves and other do not?

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spotted or not

The spotting is due to anthocynanin production in the plant. Spotted plants are in general less frequent as you go north and eastward.

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Thank you for the explanation. And following the example of most three-year olds I should ask why some plants produce anthocyanin and others do not and why the geographic variation!


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Thank you .....

kcf32 for asking the question and leenestofvipers for the info. That's what I was wondering when I posted http://www.ispot.org.uk/node/115377?nav=search

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Anthocyanins -

There is a good introduction in Wikipedia -
One of the theories I found (I asked this question when another person posted an observation a while back: no response, so I did a bit of digging)is mentioned therein; that it is a sort of "sun screen" for the leaves. So the further north, the less need.

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Thank you I have now had a look at Wikipedia.