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Observed: 30th June 2009 By: PerdikaPerdika’s reputation in PlantsPerdika’s reputation in PlantsPerdika’s reputation in PlantsPerdika’s reputation in Plants
Prunella vulgaris - Self-heal 09-06-30
Prunella vulgaris - Self-heal 10-11-05
Self-heal and another labiate with green sepals 09-07-06

I find labiates very difficult. I identified all these plants as Self-heal at the time of phoographing them, but they all seem quite different from each other - in particular the two in the third photograph. How variable is the plant? The date shown is for the first photograph. The second photograph was taken last November.

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I think it just depends on the habitat,as I have some in my lawn which seem's to have adjusted itself so it is low growing,some in my wild garden which is very lush,and some on the side of the wood which seem's to look like how it should be.I don't know if that help's at all.


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This is helpful

Self-heal growing in my back garden here in Camberwell is a much smaller and lower plant altogether - I imagine this is much like what you have in your lawn.