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Rose Farm 23 July 2009 (4)

Observed: 22nd July 2009 By: JamesPDeansJamesPDeans’s reputation in InvertebratesJamesPDeans’s reputation in InvertebratesJamesPDeans’s reputation in Invertebrates
Oak Bush Cricket
Oak Bush Cricket
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It's a pity one cannot change the original ID.
Maybe ISpot could look at allowing users to change IDs.
I have a wide interest in Nature - but I'm really a rookie at insects - sorry.

James P Deans

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Changing IDs

I think it is deliberate. iSpot is designed, at least in part, to demonstrate how the process of identification works and that involves attempts at IDs which are wrong and are corrected. If erroneous ones are removed then insight into that process is lost.

Don't worry about making mistakes, I've seen lots of expert people on here get their attempt at ID wrong (including several with 'expert' badges after their name).