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Yellow lichen

Observed: 18th November 2009 By: StumpyStumpy’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens

While fencing this was on one of the end fence post's .


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You're probably right with

You're probably right with your ID but is there any chance of a sharper photo to be certain?

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crustose lichen

i've seen this crustose lichen around Duchy as well stumpy! interesting how this particular yellow one is obvious on the older concrete features around the site

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yellow lichen (Xanthoria calcicola) by Stumpy at 12:31 pm 21/11/

I also think you are right with Xanthoria calcicola as the main lichen present but there are also grey crustose lichen patches and maybe other crustose present.


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Yes ... probably

I also think this is likely to be X. calcicola, but as Jenny has implied, a sharper photograph is necessary to confirm diagnostic characters.

The main other obvious lichen, forming fairly large, rounded patches, is Lecanora campestris.