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Carrion Crow with unusual plumage

Observed: 30th October 2010 By: JamesPDeansJamesPDeans’s reputation in BirdsJamesPDeans’s reputation in BirdsJamesPDeans’s reputation in Birds
Carrion Crow
Carrion Crow with unusual plumage

Sorry about the image quality it was very low light.

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I think I'm just just

I think I'm just just starting to see a common theme to your uploads! Is this purely genetic or the result of mild embryonic damage?

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Reduced pigmentation in crows

I think the exact cause can vary.

I believe there is some suggestion that dietary deficiency is the most common cause but whether there is a genetic component to that (i.e. a genetic susceptibility to suffering from dietary deficiency) is not clear.

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I've often wondered about the cause. From my observations I think that over the years I've seen similar plumages in the roughly the same locations. But that could be genetic or diet related.
James Deans

James P Deans

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Quite common near me.

This is commonly seen in Carrion Crows in some areas near me, and I know that it has been recorded in crows in other parts of the world (eg. American Crows).